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Hell two latinos, wow, that is enough to make an assumption about all latinos. Yeah, only college educated latinos want to see illegal immigration gone. Did you know that in California, in the early 1900's immigrants from Mexico, created gangs, that are still in place today, to protect themselve from being attacked by the latino americans who did not want them here.

Did you know, many latino americans support sheriff joe (I am not one), but many do. Did you know that not all latino americas, educated and uneducated, don't think alike. Wow, a revelation.

Let me give you some more facts. During the demostrations on 7-29, there were many Anglos protesting 1070.
Many? That is more than 3, right? and what were the total numbers protesting? It was pitiful. The news videos I saw tell a different story. Only a few ordinary citizens want the illegals here.
The only fair thing to do is for AZ and the USA to have the same rules for immigration. And we should build the same quality prisons that Mexico has to house all those who get caught.