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Thread: Unions attack Paterson call for NY worker layoffs

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    Re: Unions attack Paterson call for NY worker layoffs

    Quote Originally Posted by MaggieD View Post
    From your link:

    It's outrageous that public officials would agree by contract to not be able to lay off employees at will. It's our money, folks. If they're not needed, if we're in the red, cuts have to be made.

    I don't blame the unions. I blame the officials for agreeing to such nonsense. Malfeasence, as far as I'm concerned.
    on the final day of office, the bush appointees executed an agreement to pay our federal union's bargaining unit employees $7.6 million for uncompensated overtime
    for eight years, those same bush appointees would not engage in any form of constructive negotiation with the union to address the problem. but when those bush appointees believed it might hamstring the agency during an Obama administration by obligating these monies, they signed the $7.6 million payout
    truly malfeasance - again, at public expense
    we are negotiating about dividing a pizza and in the meantime israel is eating it
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    Re: Unions attack Paterson call for NY worker layoffs

    Quote Originally Posted by Redress View Post
    Government employees are not servants, they are employees. Having a union does not make them masters.
    It's a conflict of interest to have them in a union, as employees and as voters.
    There should be no government employee unions.
    I was discovering that life just simply isn't fair and bask in the unsung glory of knowing that each obstacle overcome along the way only adds to the satisfaction in the end. Nothing great, after all, was ever accomplished by anyone sulking in his or her misery.
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