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I honestly don't care what Turtle says about Obama. It's that when presented with a list of sourced, indisputable facts - his response was nothing but insults.

Why? Because he couldn't refute a singe fact that I had posted here: http://www.debatepolitics.com/breaki...post1058877996

So when you can't fight facts, hurl insults.
Guilty conscience cause you to think that was directed at you? It wasnt.

But for the record...Ive said it before here...Im FINE with raising taxes...provided that you first gut the fed spending, turn over social spending to the states, and have a very definite plan to pay off (not down...off) the national debt. Passed by constitutional mandate. Otherwise to hell with raising taxes. When THIS administration (which you defend) has demonstrated the rabid push to spend money it doesnt have (increasing debt by 3 trillion in under two years and raisng the cap to 15.5 TRILLION) then it has proven it is no more responsible than ANY of the past. Anyone that defends THIS administration and the democrats (in power in congress since the 2006 elections) is as much an idealogue as are those they are bitching about.