Quote(Burdened by low approval on the economy, President Obama brought former president Bill Clinton and investor Warren Buffett to the White House on Wednesday to talk about job creation.)

Certainly about time Obama listened to anyone other than the Communistic minded twerps he has listened to up till now.

Quote(White House press secretary Robert Gibbs denied that Clinton -- who oversaw record surpluses and was generally seen as business-friendly -- was brought in to mediate between business leaders and Obama, now under fire from corporate leaders for his economic policies.)

Well if he was not brought in for exactly this purpose, why bother to deny it?

Quote(This week, the US Chamber of Commerce issued a harsh letter complaining that the White House is burdening businesses with too much regulation and hampering job growth.)

The more regulation the less profitable any business is, it is astounding that any person elected to Government fails to understand this.

Quote("Do I think they speak monolithically for business? No," Gibbs said of the Chamber.)

Unfortunately they do not speak for Government, if they did perhaps we might have some forward movement with regards to Job creation.