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Thread: Drug lobby showers money on its hero Harry Reid

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    Drug lobby showers money on its hero Harry Reid

    Drug lobby showers money on its hero Harry Reid | Washington Examiner

    By: Timothy P. Carney
    Examiner Columnist
    July 7, 2010 No scalp would be as treasured by Republicans this fall as that of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. And no incumbent is receiving as much air support from the drug industry as is Reid, who championed a health care bill that pads drug company profits.

    The drug lobby has begun a pro-Reid TV blitz in his home state of Nevada. One ad praises Reid for saving jobs and for understanding that "good jobs with good benefits [mean] a better future." The narrator then instructs viewers to "call Harry Reid today; tell him to keep fighting for Nevada families."

    But "Nevada families" didn't pay for the ad. The drug lobby did. And while the TV spot makes only passing reference to the health care bill passed in March, there's no doubt this ad buy -- and the rest of the drug industry's generosity toward Harry Reid -- is a big thank you for the corporate-welfare "reform" bill that Reid shepherded through the Senate.
    Do as you say, not as you do, eh Harry?

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    Re: Drug lobby showers money on its hero Harry Reid

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    Wait, I thought the bill was socialism? Now it's favoring megacorporations? I'm so confused!
    He touched her over her bra and underpants, she says, and guided her hand to touch him over his underwear
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    We’ll say what? Something like “nothing happened” ... Yeah, we might say something like that.

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