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Thread: TSA to Block "Controversial Opinion" on the Web

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    Re: TSA to Block "Controversial Opinion" on the Web

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Tammerlain View Post
    What a horrible world we live in when white collar workers cant access ESPN

    HEY! We can so!

    Quote Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
    Tip for TSA workers:
    Get a phone with a good web browser. Use that.
    Strangely enough my office dislikes cell phones on the desk more than they seem to want to block Yahoo Fantasy Football or Radio Streaming...
    Quote Originally Posted by MrWonka View Post
    In fact, I would wager to you that within 10 years of today's date that stupid MAGA hat will be registered as a symbol of hate on par with a Swastika.

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    Re: TSA to Block "Controversial Opinion" on the Web

    Quote Originally Posted by MrVicchio View Post
    One assumes so, however... I for one am suspicious of broad terms that can easily be abused. When I'm at work, with net-downtime, I hit "News, Sports, Weather". That's it.
    It is impossible for an employer, even the government, to "abuse" their prerogative in blocking sites. No matter how biased or censoring or whatever, there can be no abuse of this as it is entirely the prerogative of the employer. End of story.
    You can never be safe from a government that can keep you completely safe from each other and the world. You must choose.

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