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Thread: Putin Rips Russian Spy Bust

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    Putin Rips Russian Spy Bust

    Putin Criticizes U.S. Arrests of Spy Suspects -

    Quote(Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Tuesday criticized U.S. law enforcement, even as his government acknowledged that its citizens were among the 11 people that U.S. authorities charged were part of a long-running spy operation.)

    You have to wonder at this guy's rationality, he admits that the people arrested were Russian Citizens, yet rants on about the US police agencies.

    Face it Putin, you got caught, just accept the inevitable ridicule and get on with training your next batch of spies.

    Of course every Country spies on every other Country, nothing new about that and as these folk were not Diplomats they will go to trial, if found guilty will be imprisoned and doubtless be exchanged for Prisoners that Putin will tell Medvedev to gather from 'Innocent' Americans working in Russia.
    I really cannot understand Ex-President Putin blowing his top over this incident.
    Also reading about in Pravda on line was very amusing.

    For those who did not know, PRAVDA is a long existing Soviet era newspaper in Russia, it's name or misnomer means "TRUTH".

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    Re: Putin Rips Russian Spy Bust

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    I'm surprised they didn't sick multiple pieces of ass on Clinton and Algore.

    Who knows... maybe they tried. Why not? Everyone knows Felonius Bill is a horndawg, and I bet they know Algore seeks release of his second Chakra.

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    The Clintons are what happens...
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