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That's what I'm saying... IMMEDIATELY and HARSHLY deal with the 10000...
Then we agree on that. Note though, that we've already spent over a trillion dollars on the war on drugs. I do think it is a serious problem, and the cartels have escalated it up quite a few notches in severity, but don't expect an overnight solution. We're a trillion dollars in and we've hardly taken a bite out of it. It's not something that will ever be completely solved, and it's not something that will be like cut in half in a year or something no matter what we do. The drug trade represents about 1% of the total world GDP. They have hundreds of billions of dollars a year coming in and they'll spend every penny of it on keeping their business up and running if need be. And, frankly, they're really good at what they do. There are a thousand ways to get drugs into the US, something like 1/4 of American citizens at least occassionally use an illegal drug. The distribution network involves something like 500,000 American citizens, all of whom are pretty smart about not getting caught. Etc. We won't snuff the issue out easily with an approach focused on enforcement only.

I forget if you were the one that said this or if was somebody else, but like with illegal immigration, the best plan IMO is to legalize some of the safest drugs and concentrate enforcement on the cartels themselves, heroin, crystal meth, pcp, coke, etc. Just legalizing pot alone would take the wind out of the sales of a whole lot of that distribution network.