Look, your rights are quite simple, you have the right to defend yourself but you have the responsibility to be level headed, right to speak your mind but have the responsibility to know when to keep quiet, you have the right to a fair trial but the responsibility to respect the law, etc...

These rights may not be 'divine' but these rights exist for everyone, I don't know how you could simply think of them as 'desires'... Every human regardless of color, creed or sex has the RIGHT to the same dignities of humanity. However, there's always going to be tyrants trying to tell you that you do not have rights so they can exert their will over you.

So, every once in a while the cost of freedom requires a level of bloodshed... it's something that must be fought for, it must be EARNED. However, history has shown that societies the become decadent, lazy, etc, well... they always tend to collapse.

A persons rights may not be recognized, but they still exist, and they must be exerted or else they will atrophy and disappear.