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Thread: Rights group criticizes Hamas treatment of Israeli

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    Rights group criticizes Hamas treatment of Israeli

    Israel Marks 4th Year of Soldier's Captivity in Gaza | Middle East | English

    Even thou making so much publicity in israel is actually doing more harm than good..
    Why not organize rallies in Europe and other places? Rather than in Israel which is

    1) useless
    2) hurts the process cause hamas sees how it scrwes the israeli public up

    3) do it in other nations so it would actually get some international support..

    AND ROFL I love the title....Its no war crime...its a simple note that they want to make sure people knew that they are not 100% alright with the way he is being treated.... But him being kidnapped is A O K

    lol...human right groups...I miss the groups that actually did such things -.-

    "Schalit has dual French-Israeli citizenship and on Friday French President Nicolas Sarkozy released a letter he had addressed to the abducted soldier's parents.

    "Like all French people, I'm indignant that a man could be deprived of freedom in such a way," Sarkozy wrote. "Such treatment, which totally lacks humanity, ignores universally recognized principles when it comes to prisoners, firstly the visiting rights of the International Committee of the Red Cross.""

    OMFG a letter from the prez...How about insted of sending a letter to his parents saying " **** YOU" you actually put prussure on Gaza or try and do something about it..

    God you gota love the french..

    *insert evil angry face with the stupidity of the world*
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