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Thread: Part of Arizona Wildlife Refuge Closed Over Border Violence

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    Part of Arizona Wildlife Refuge Closed Over Border Violence

    KFYI - "The Valley's Talk Station"

    The situation with cross-border violence and drug smuggling has gotten so bad along Arizona's southern border with Mexico, that the U.S. Government continue to have warnings in Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge miles from the border, in effect, closing that part of the park to tourists.

    Opponents have said the action has, in effect, ceded that part of Arizona back to Mexico.

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    Re: Part of Arizona Wildlife Refuge Closed Over Border Violence

    YouTube - It Begins... Obama Gives Major Swath of Arizona Back to Mexico

    Meanwhile : YouTube - L.A. Teacher Calls for Mexican Revolt in the U.S.

    YouTube - Hillary Clinton Mistakenly Confirms Obama Admin Will Sue Arizona over Immigration Enforcement Law

    YouTube - Jon Kyl tells of Obama holding US security hostage.wmv

    This goes out to all the war lovers on this site... this is so completely backwards, that we will fight threats on a 'pre-emptive' basis all around the world without hesitation... but now there is a LEGITIMATE INVASION into the country... a TRULY JUST war, and there's NOTHING of a reaction.

    Here's fox's spin on the video : YouTube - Kyl, White House in war of words on border security

    Actually do what it takes to stop this flow... they're not closing off that immigration pass because it's the friendly illegals that will pay taxes / contribute.

    This is absolutely aphalling yet amazing that one of the VERY few wars the US has been in that was actually a JUST war, and yet the federal government is just bending over....

    What happened to all you people that screamed for there to be an invasion of places many can't even find on a map, to kill towel head sand n****** 5000 miles away that when people start coming into the country in epidemic numbers and are litterally taking over sections of the country.... what happened to your eagerness to unleash the millitary might this country has to offer.

    If the feds won't do it, why doesn't the sheriffs of the affected counties round up a bunch of people and get those mexicans back to their side of the border... better yet, make the fence with their bodies so the ones that cross will think twice??

    What's the malfunction going on here??

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