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Thread: US Army intelligence analyst arrested in Wikileaks leak

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    Re: US Army intelligence analyst arrested in Wikileaks leak

    Look, there are legitimate reasons to whistleblow. And you know what? There are protections within our law that every single solitary government employee is made aware of and given training or information on in some way shape or form during their tenure with the government, if not multiple times. If you see something being done that is truly and utterly illegal and you blow the whistle you're likely going to be okay regarding the law or at least have a firm foothold.

    However, on the flip side of that, to be able to rightfully and truthfully garauntee that such protection is provided instances where leaks are made that are NOT found to be illegal or to the standarded required for leaking then punishment must be metted out to its fullest available means. This by its nature helps assure that only the most obviously wrong practices are the ones most likely to be legitiamtely leaked rather than people leaking for the notoriety or to "get back at" the government.

    This guy was not trying to do some noble deed. He was bragging about his work, he was seemingly enjoying the thrill and of being a rebel, of simply screwing the system for the sake of screwing it. He did nothing that was protected it seems under the whisteblower protection act.

    Throw the book at him.
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    Re: US Army intelligence analyst arrested in Wikileaks leak

    Quote Originally Posted by Gray_Fox_86 View Post
    Good thing I have proven myself worth of keeping secrets. But really after reading the article and learning what the thread was all about. I do believe he should be punished but I think on a more serious note about transparency is that if a weapon is more then 30 years old it should probably be disclosed regardless if it worked or not. That doesn't mean I am in favor of disclosing things that help others realize what our strategy is. But I'd like to know more on black projects that are old and decisions that were made by Allen Dulles and James Angleton. You know that James Angleton got a word named after him because he was practically paranoid?

    Also what does your husband do for the government?
    Right now he connects the dots for those who come home injured. . . helps them readjust to routine, secure medical appointments and travel time, etc.
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