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Same here. I didn't hear anything about this during his campaign.

But why in the hell would Obama support this??

My guess is Japan is blackmailing Obama since they hold so much U.S. debt.

No one in their right mind would support an end to the whaling ban.
If you know anything about the IWC (and I'm not saying I'm an expert, but I did some reading after I saw THE COVE), then you'd know that Japan has bought off the organization.

Right now, the IWC ban includes the scientific loophole with Japan uses to kill about 1,200 whales a year. Iceland and Norway flout the ban to hunt about another 700. This doesn't include the very few whale hunted by indigenous peoples in the US and Canada (likely a couple dozen, if that).

The hope of the compromise is to lift the ban but set limits that would be lower than the current 1,900 or so a year that are being killed.

Since these three nations already flout the ban, I have little confidence that they would follow limits either.

But it's not like we're going to bomb Japan, Iceland (whose defense we're technically still responsible for), or Norway. And a trade ban on Japan would be highly impractical.

This is honestly a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation - because without the compromise, the IWC likely completely falls apart and then all hell really would break loose.