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Thread: Former Florida Republican chief charged with fraud

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    Former Florida Republican chief charged with fraud

    Quote Originally Posted by Reuters

    (Reuters) - Florida's recently ousted Republican Party chief was indicted on Wednesday on fraud, theft and money laundering charges in the latest embarrassment stemming from the party's fundraising practices.

    Former state party chairman Jim Greer was arrested at his central Florida home on six felony counts and booked into the Seminole County Jail, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement said.

    The indictment alleges that Greer, 47, collected $125,161 by arranging for the party to hire a fundraising company in which he secretly held a controlling interest.
    Dirty dealings - and this was Christ's former party chair which was hand picked by the former (R) Christ team. At least one Conservative Blog is stating that Greer masterminded the Marco Rubio credit card charges leak in order to back-stab Rubio within the Republican Party and put Christ ahead. Christ left to be an Independent as he would have lost the Republican Primary and has registered as an Independent.

    A full investigation seemed to have been under way and Greer was arrested today. I'm hoping that Greer sings like a little boidey such that his accomplices (if there are any) can be arrested as well. A house cleaning seems in order.

    Quote Originally Posted by Reuters
    The party then hired Victory Strategies and paid it $199,254, much of it for fundraising services that were never performed, and $125,161 of that was funneled to Greer, the indictment said.
    I think if Thomas Jefferson were looking down, the author of the Bill of Rights, on whats being proposed here, hed agree with it. He would agree that the First Amendment cannot be absolute. - Chuck Schumer (D). Yet, Madison and Mason wrote the Bill of Rights, according to Sheila Jackson Lee, 400 years ago. Yup, it's a fact.

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    Re: Former Florida Republican chief charged with fraud

    Yet another cheating wanna be politician feathering his own nest.

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