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Thread: Malawi's President: Pardon and release gay couple

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    Malawi's President: Pardon and release gay couple

    Malawi's president: pardon and release gay couple - Yahoo! News

    I was very happy to see this. It is unconscionable that anyone would be imprisoned simply because they love someone.
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    Re: Malawi's President: Pardon and release gay couple

    Dude it is Africa we're talking about here. Do you know what happens to some Lesbians in my country? They are raped to make them "straight" again... Malawi's president saying pardon and release is unexpected but welcomed. But as you can tell, Africans don't look kindly on Homosexuality

    "In Senegal police have rounded up men suspected of being homosexual and beaten them, and a mob last year pulled the corpse of a gay man from his grave, spat on it and dumped it at the home of his elderly parents."

    I hope this changes, but Africa has so many problems, the last thing the people are focused on is the rights of this group.

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