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Thread: US backs South Korea in punishing North Korea

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    Re: US backs South Korea in punishing North Korea

    Quote Originally Posted by Orion View Post
    Call me a pragmatist, but you were dwelling on the past a lot before I posted. I just don't see it as productive. The commitment is there, the troops are deployed, there is no going back. Foreign policy has to operate on a go-forward basis when it comes to situations like what's brewing on the Korean peninsula.
    If you have been reading, you would understand that there is a distinct difference between "going back on your word" and "never having done something the first time".

    I don't believe we should have entered into agreements with foreign nations with THEIR security in mind using OUR resources.
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    Re: US backs South Korea in punishing North Korea

    Quote Originally Posted by Caine View Post
    I disagree that we should be entering into Treaties which devote our troops to serve on foreign soil to serve the interests of foreign governments.

    Im a bit of an Isolationist.
    You would rather have let the Soviet-Chinese bloc take over Europe and East Asia in the 1950s, then?
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