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I believe you are absolutely right. I would have erred on the side of caution in years past because of his nuclear status. But this asshole already has his population believing that he is defending them from the tyranny of the outside. He is the shining example of how to defy the greatest power in history. People shouldn't wonder why Iran wants the nuke. Kim has shown the world that any dictator or any other undesirable regime can do what he wishes under nuclear protection. With nuclear weapons, these nations can bully entire regions, attack neighbors, oppress their own poulations, slaughter them, and whatever else comes to mind. The rest of the "peace" loving world will remain powerless and full of BS as we insist the UN do something (The next sanction will see their shipment of Barbie dolls without their Kens.) Saddam Hussein did the same crap as he defied and defied the UN and proved to every second rate dictator and regime in the world that the UN is powerless without their American muscle. This makes us more the enemy, does it not?

We made a statement in 1945 in Japan and Germany to the entire world. That statement was ..."**** with us and you are finished. **** with our allies and you are finished." We have behaved as if we are scared to death to make statements ever since. Our allies are attacked and we look away even as we are. Our enemies are determined to be at war with us even as we pretend he is not. It's time to take out the trash.

The world's in need of another lesson, but one we will finish for a change under military leadership, not civilian. The civilian's job is to smooth it over with China. The military man's job is to kill the enemy when the green light goes green. Victory will come at the end of a trigger pull, not a civilian's handshake with the enemy.
Nicely put, Top!