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Thread: Holder wants new look at Miranda rights

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    Re: Holder wants new look at Miranda rights

    Quote Originally Posted by Morality Games View Post
    Yes and no. Constitutional protections are categorical imperatives that are meant to apply to everyone in all times....
    And yet, there are SO many examples where they do not.
    Freedom of speech for high school students, for instance.

    However, the manner in which a protection is actuated by a government (or military) is situational.
    That's half os what I said. The other half is above.

    Moreover, the POW example does not apply;
    It does when the statement in question is "everyone" or 'all people".

    they still enjoy the same protections as citizens, it just happens in the case of due process that is very low because the Chief Executive can suspend it.
    Then they do -not- enjoy the same protection as citizens - POWs NEVER have the right to habeus corpus or to a trial.

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    Re: Update

    Quote Originally Posted by chevydriver1123 View Post
    9/11 families have come out against this bull**** too

    Anti-war 9/11 families oppose Holder proposal to modify Miranda | Raw Story
    Oh good, now Glenn Beck can complain about how much he hates the 911 families again.
    Enough with the dirty, deadly and disgusting oil and coal. Let's get clean, let's go green. Enough is enough!!

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