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Thread: BREAKING: Times Square Evacuated

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    Re: BREAKING: Times Square Evacuated

    Quote Originally Posted by danarhea View Post
    You know, there is something that just doesn't meet the eye here. It was such an amateurish attempt, and now "The Pakistani Taliban" is taking credit for it. "The Pakistani Taliban" is a huge generalization of a lot of groups, and there is no specific group mentioned, just the general Pakistani Talibans.

    Could this have been a false flag operation planned by somebody? Could it have been a dud for a reason, with it's only real purpose to instill fear in Americans, and socialize us for yet another war of some kind? In connecting the dots, those dots could lead anywhere.

    BTW, I am just playing Devil's advocate here, and attempting to get some discussion going on this angle, in order to see where the discussion might lead.
    Keeping an open mind, thats good Dan. BTW I really like the new avatar, fits you well.
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    Re: BREAKING: Times Square Evacuated

    This is like the worst car bomb ever. "Hey I'll just toss some flammable stuff in the car and some fireworks. Forget using a reliable remote detonation method like a cell phone, I'll attach a clock to it. Bombs usually have clocks, right?"
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    We’ll say what? Something like “nothing happened” ... Yeah, we might say something like that.

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