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Thread: Giannoulias To Move Forward In Senate Race After Bank Seizure

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    Giannoulias To Move Forward In Senate Race After Bank Seizure

    Obama Friend?s Bank Shut Down During U.S. Senate Bid (Update3) -

    U.S. Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias, the Democratic candidate seeking the seat once held by President Barack Obama in Illinois, vowed to press on with his campaign after regulators seized the bank his family owns.

    “My campaign for the United States Senate goes forward, with a renewed determination to turn Illinois’s economy around and to fix what’s broken in Washington, D.C.,” Giannoulias said.

    Broadway Bank had been operating since January under terms of a consent order with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. because of commercial real-estate loan losses.

    “Unlike the big Wall Street banks, there was no bailout for my father’s bank,” Giannoulias said, fighting back tears at a news conference at a Chicago hotel yesterday. “It is an incredibly sad and heartbreaking day for me and for my family."

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    Re: Giannoulias To Move Forward In Senate Race After Bank Seizure

    Some comments:

    1. Are you following the goings on in Illinois?

    2. The party in power is coming apart.

    3. The Senate candidate had his bank seized.

    4. Blago has subpoenaed the president and whip (Durbin).

    Judge Holds Emergency Hearing In Blagojevich Case -

    5. The Lt Governor candidate bowed out after admitting he strangled his prostitute girlfriend.

    Illinois Lt. Gov. Candidate, Scott Lee Cohen, Pulls Out Of Race Over Scandal | AHN

    6. Illinois is witnessing as much democrat corruption even as NEW YORK.

    7. This is Obama's Seat in Illinois we're talking about taking.

    8. Reid's in Nevada is already ours.

    9. Biden's in Delaware, as well.

    10. Should Pataki run, Hillary's will not hold, Gillibrand will go down.

    11. We are within a squeak of taking the Senate

    RealClearPolitics - 2010 Election Maps - Senate No Toss Ups

    12. The gubs are as good.

    RealClearPolitics - 2010 Election Maps - Governor No Toss Ups

    13. RCP, pollster of pollsters, has Connecticut and Vermont switching from red to blue, but the latest polls out of the Constitution and Green Mountain States have Tom Foley and Brian Dubie well ahead.

    RealClearPolitics - Latest Election Polls

    14. Do you appreciate the role GOVERNORS play in presidential elections?

    15. Do you comprehend the prime positionings of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, every four years?

    16. These swingiest of swing states are swinging the selfsame TWO DOZEN or so percentage points America watched go down in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

    17. The democrat party cannot compete nationally without these key electorals, without these statehouses and gub-ships.

    18. The White House is finally getting the word, after Coakley, Corzine and Creigh Deeds crashed.

    White House leaves Dick Durbin hanging - Glenn Thrush and Manu Raju -

    19. Obama will not put out anymore for such loser candidates.

    20. And he doesn't appear to provide any help when he does.

    21. These things are cumulative---if the blues lose ILLINOIS they are in HUGE TROUBLE.

    22. The blues ARE gonna lose Illinois, both Senate and Springfield.

    23. RCP had my side losing Arizona a week ago.

    24. Ms Brewer's signature assures the Grand Canyon State will stay red.

    25. When a TEABAGGER is leading for Senate in the Keystone State...

    RealClearPolitics - Election 2010 - Pennsylvania Senate - Specter vs. Toomey

    26. When a Republican of any disposition is leading for Harrisburg by double digits...

    RealClearPolitics - 2010 Pennsylvania Governor Race

    27. When Republicans lead in Motown by a dozen...

    28. RCP has Republicans exiting November with TWENTY NINE gubs.

    29. But, like I said, Connecticut and Vermont look to remain red.

    30. Ie, that's THIRTY ONE Republican governorships.

    31. The Senate sees Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Nevada, North Dakota and Pennsylvania solidly coming my way.

    32. And Patty Murray in Washington is also in trouble, as is Boxer in my state, Gillibrand in New York and Feingold in Wisconsin, all vulnerable.

    33. This IMMIGRATION thing is gonna piggyback on top of health care...

    34. Even if we don't take the Senate, a pick up of half a dozen or more is as good---the party in power is paralyzed thereby.

    35. The House is always much swingier than the staunchly stuffy Senate.

    36. That is, if upper house comes close, downstairs is certain to precede.

    37. And have you seen what's going on in the assemblies?

    State polls show gathering storm - David Catanese -

    38. Worry.

    The Prof
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    Re: Giannoulias To Move Forward In Senate Race After Bank Seizure

    Well if the naughty Feds took his bank away from him, the only way he can earn (acquire) money is by being elected a Senator.

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