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The questons remain:

Was there ILG at Smolensk North Air Base?

2010 Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Was the ILG actualy PRMG?


Did No. 101 hit a NDB tower before crashing into the trees.

Non-Directional Beacon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Was there enough fuel to go back to Minsk or on to Moskow?

Why did not the air traffic controllers mention the Fog at Somelensk while No 101 was over Minsk?

Was the pilot exercising his own judgement, or was he following orders from superiors on board the plane?

Were there two or four approaches to Smolensk?

Did No 101 dump fuel? How much, Why?

"300 to 400 metres (980 to 1,300 ft) off the landing path,[14] after the pilots attempted a go-around.[15]"

Why was No 101 not aligned with the runway?

Polish president killed in air crash near Russia's Smolensk - RT Top Stories

Could the runway lights be seen by the pilot and co-pilot of No 101?

Were the runway lights working? Were they on?

Was a Russian Interpreter translating tower communications into Polish?

Didn't I post that already no ILS at the Ruskie air base !!!