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Thread: Extremist group demands governors resign

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    Re: Extremist group demands governors resign

    Quote Originally Posted by WillRockwell View Post
    I find it hilarious that perhaps the most creative conspiracy theorist on the forum (9/11, granite slabs, Obama's Civil War army) is able to so casually dismiss actual threats to elected representatives.
    Yes, 9 years ago, 'extremists' lived solely in terroristan. Then 2 years ago, MIAC and other reports have come out saying that 'extremism' has come home to roost and how there are 'extremists everywhere' (Third party supporters, veterans, gun owners, and anyone that can put a coherent thought together)

    Now, the articles are just saying 'there's a group of extremists making threats to politicians across the US, and with all of our extensive defense system we can't track down who sent the FAX'.

    It's BS pure and simple.... Be Scared.

    Yes, when you say "resign in three days or you will be removed" that is a threat, there need be no mention of violence. This is why the FBI is involved, and why these people (yes they are people, not a guy in a basement) need to be watched.
    Are you kidding me that you don't think these people could be tracked down in 30 min if they really were a threat???

    If a letter like that was seriously sent to the president, you can bet the day it shows up at his office you'd have secret service at your house... (Want me to find you examples where similar things have happened over a smaller threat??)

    So, you know what these letters say??

    So, someone sends a letter to the politicians that for whatever reason the sender felt that they should be removed from office, sends a letter saying 'resign in three days or else (I'll vote you out)'... now, other people pissed off for similar reasons gives the same type of idle threat, some of them sending faxes (which have the origins phone number printed on the page) and they limit the description to be a 'group of extremists' when they might only be a 'group' in the sense that they happen to agree on some arbitrary topic.

    Notice the emotional vocabulary throughout the article, saying that ANYONE might get these letters to 'resign or else'... just not actually using those words.

    If you don't understand in any sense how marketing works, then this rant will be lost on you...

    And we will also be watching your posts for entertainment value as you dream up even more creative liberal plots against the world as we know it.
    Liberal plots???

    Wow... um.... I'm neither liberal or republican. I've spoken out against Bush for years... I speak out against Obama whenever he does something worth calling out.

    This time, this deliberate piece of propaganda is brought up, that potentially never even happened, or if it did happen has been blown WAY out of proportion... then adding to the 'stigma' of being labeled 'extremist'. The article doesn't have the courtesy of explaining WHY these people might call for resignations of certain people in certain offices... just that the source is 'domestic extremism'... which is an, at best, arbitrary term that doesn't even MEAN anything... but SEEMS to be 'a step lower then terrorism' because it's 'dangerous' but still important enough to be dealt with... by making articles about non-issues.

    They might as well have been 'extremist cookie eaters', because the article doesn't even claim to know what was on the people's minds.

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    Re: Extremist group demands governors resign

    Quote Originally Posted by Gina View Post
    Uncola and AlbqOwl:

    I have highlighted elements of their statements like "using sufficient numbers to emphasize their authority" and the possibility of "disruption of services" to draw attention to the fact their plans, if they were to attempt them, wouldn't be peaceful.

    Do I want them arrested? No, they are just exercising their free speech, for now. Should they be watched? Of course. The implication is they would like to take some kind of action that goes beyond voting and actively participating in our political system as it is right now. It's only prudent.
    Sorry, got called out of town for a week and imported a 'flu bug from Texas, so am quite late responding.

    Again, the highlighted sections, taken in context, are not at all alarming to me and are no different than any activist group with a reasonable and non-violent agenda/purpose/emphasis or whatever. If they were, I am sure we would have seen articles about this group being on some watch list or something. Geez, even the innocuous and civil Tea Partiers are attracting more attention.
    "I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it." --Benjamin Franklin 1776

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