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I'm not quite sure I buy that. I look at America which is among the leaders in the world in murders per capita by country, and I ask myself "is American justice and investigation completely inept compared to other countries?" and I just can't draw a mark to that.

There has to be something. Switzerland is very prolific with firearms and they have among the lowest homicide rates in the world. Same with Israel.

Of course, Israel may be an exception to that. If I had a choice between being in a locked room with 1 Mossad agent or 10 CIA guys, I'd take the CIA and not look back. Outside of that though, there just has to be something else.
Our crime rate is due to something completely different in my opinion. I think with a high rate of gun ownership, we also have high rates of ignorant and irrational people. The stereotype that Americans are hotheaded and willing to start a fight over nothing, really isn't all that far fetched considering our history of violence towards not just ourselves but others.

It doesn't explain everything regarding the problem but it explains some of it. Our violence is a product of our culture. Israelis have lived with violence for years - so I don't think they're as fast to be violent towards each other.

As far as Switzerland goes, I'm completely stumped but I think it may have to do with a gun culture which ensures gun owners are responsible. The Swiss have laws which make sure an individual can properly use his firearm and knows the laws surrounding them before he gets it among with other strict laws. No such thing in America because very few of laws are uniform when it comes to guns. In America pretty much every John, Dick and Jane can buy a gun by going to a state with lax laws.