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Thread: GOP wary of health law repeal push in fall races

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    Re: GOP wary of health law repeal push in fall races

    Quote Originally Posted by jujuman13 View Post
    I do believe they voted for CHANGE, which is always an extremely dangerous thing to vote for.
    OK, so you were misled by a conniving ex lawyer, so it is still your own fault because Lawyers are the most distrusted people in the world.
    I know. Isn't it ironic that most or all Democrat politicians are lawyers?

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    Re: GOP wary of health law repeal push in fall races

    Quote Originally Posted by megaprogman View Post
    GOP wary of health law repeal push in fall races

    It looks like top republicans are having second thoughts about the attractiveness of a "repeal the healthcare law" stance. My opinion is that if they don't go through with it, it will energize the tea parties even more. What are your thoughts?
    My thought is this:

    As a registered republican, if they ever want my vote in another election again, they will repeal it. If not, as far as I am concerned, let the GOP and the nation fall apart through liberalism. Because that is our future if they don't.

    Either pony up and take an issue head on or I am done voting altogether. I will plant my gardens, invest in gold, work and basically become neutral to the USA.

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    Re: GOP wary of health law repeal push in fall races

    in florida bill mccollom is a top republican

    the current ag of the sunshine state, longtime former congressman, the kind of guy who used to be on tv a lot, oldtimers will remember mccollom pretty well...

    he's running for gov of everglade land

    as ag in tallahassee mccollom has taken the lead for all of the 12 to 30 state govt's who have initiated legal steps to stop this genuinely unconstitutional mandate upon innocent, once free americans to buy some ungodly expensive service of completely unguaranteed quality against their wishes...

    mccollom is the point guy for the mostly republican coast to coast CHALLENGE along this line...

    in IDAHO a bill protecting spudlings from federal harrassment for refusing to conform has passed whatever state legislature exists in boise and has been signed into law by the governor, whoever he is...

    which, of course, amounts to a medium measure of yada yada

    in virginia's general assembly, oldest parliamentary body in the western hemisphere, a similar piece was passed and superstar BOB MCDONNELL, winner of the governorship of the MOST BELLWETHER STATE IN THE NATION in 08 by a MASSIVE margin of EIGHTEEN POINTS, will certainly sign it as well into state law

    but all that's not the point, that's just intro

    cuz the point is: bill mccollom is national POINT MAN on the most noteworthy of the SEVERAL legal challenges to the pig

    and since he FILED his papers, his position in the POLLS has GROWN to an impressive PLUS FIFTEEN!

    he used to up by about ten

    his law suit, in addition, is FAVORED in florida sun by 51 to 39


    ms sink, meanwhile, his opponent, "avoids a hi profile stance on health care..."


    can't you see what all this stuff means?

    Poll: Bill McCollum widens lead on Alex Sink in governor's race - Florida -

    RealClearPolitics - Election 2010 - Florida Governor - McCollum vs. Sink

    JURIST - Paper Chase: State attorneys general to challenge health care reform legislation

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