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Thread: Nine Charged in Bullying of Massachusetts Teen Who Killed Herself

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    Re: Nine Charged in Bullying of Massachusetts Teen Who Killed Herself

    Quote Originally Posted by Orion View Post
    Bullies like that deserve to burn. I don't care if some are underage. They should be tried as adults.

    Redneck justice doesn't exist in Massechusetts.

    Those who are under age WILL be tried as minors.

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    Re: Nine Charged in Bullying of Massachusetts Teen Who Killed Herself

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain America View Post
    That is a valid approach. I give you thumbs up for such a logical and well thought out presentation.

    I suppose, we all have to admit, there are factors to this particular situation, that we are all unaware of. There has to be. We form our opinions on the best info we accumulate. Jallman could be 100% right. Time will tell. I guess we will all have to put our faith in the courts to see this through.

    I am looking at through these eyes here:

    Young girl, new high school, feeling like a fish out of water, looking for acceptance and friendship as any teen-ager would. Easy, vulnerable prey, made the same mistake millions and millions of girls in that position do, sleep with some guy thinking that would get her the love and acceptance she needs. (Teenagers ****. Can I get a witness? ) Some here may call her an Irish slut, getting what she deserved, but I simply pity those people.)

    Barbi, and her entourage of other air-headed, pep-squad clicker's, don't like the fact that an outsider boinked Chaz and entered herself into the "better-than-thou" gene pool. New doe in the herd. That's, like, so beasty! Gag me with a spoon! <tosses hair.>

    Chaz, in repentance for ****ing outside the chosen few, has to betray the Irish slut and join in with doe-heard as they laugh and call Irish slut, names and not only keep her from playing their reindeer games, they focus like a laser to make this vulnerable child life a living nightmare.

    Then, Mommy and Daddy Slut get to cut their little girl down from her noose and bury their little girl.

    If I were to fall down on one side or the other, not knowing ALL the facts, I prefer to err on the side of the grieving parents and NOT on the side of the bully-class.

    I'm funny that way. Call me crazy.
    Once again, the good Cap's crystal ball tells no lies.

    Was there any doubt that Chaz was a star football player? Video Player
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