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Is that a warning?
No. As I said, its a promise

There is no verse for the last time. It is an interpretation from the texts in regards to religion.
And for the last time it is NOT a universal interpretation.

And yes, their interpretation of the Qu'ran is as valid as any scholars.
We accept religion into our society and we have the freedom to practice what we wish. Any form of ban on religion is curbing an individuals right to worship how they please.
So we should accept all interpretations no matter that they are not universal and conform to all interpretations teachings and traditions? This is your position?

You've ducked it once already, please answer it.

You are being deliberately obtuse.
No I'm challenging you to back up your claims. Is this a new thing for you?

Go read the Qu'ran and hadiths and go to the local mosque for a session. Then come back and discuss Islam.
Since you cannot prove or understand that their are no universal interpretations of the Qur'an that demand all women wear the burka the ignorance of Islam is all upon you.

Come back when you can understand the difference between interpretation and universal teachings.