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Thread: Obama silent ahead of a vote on Armenian 'genocide' resolution

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    Obama silent ahead of a vote on Armenian 'genocide' resolution

    US congressional panel prepares to vote next week on Armenian ‘genocide’ resolution that Turkey has long made clear that the issue could alter dramatically Turkish ties with the US. President Obama who says as a candidate that he believes the killings were ‘genocide,’ is now in a bid and slient

    President Barack Obama is in a bind as a congressional panel prepares to vote next week on a resolution that would recognize as ‘genocide’ the World War I-era killings of Armenians in the dying days of the Ottoman Empire.
    Obama said as a candidate that he believed the killings were ‘genocide.’ A congressional resolution to that effect could alienate Turkey, a NATO ally and traditional friend of the United States that is crucial to U.S. foreign policy goals. Past U.S. administrations have defeated similar resolutions through public cajoling about U.S. national security interests and behind-the-scenes lobbying.

    Obama silent ahead of vote on Armenian 'genocide' resolution - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review
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    Re: Obama silent ahead of a vote on Armenian 'genocide' resolution

    With his amateur status intact the old saying fools rush in where wise never go comes to mind.

    Obama doesn't seem to ha a clue what it doing on any level and certainly he has no concept of the ramifications.

    There is an estimate of up to 1,500,000 Armenian-Americans in the United States and around 164,945 of full or partial Turkish descent.

    Do the voting math and ask why would anyone make statements for short term gain that are sure to have long term negative implications?

    Simple, expedience supersedes experience.

    I'm not saying this is the only reason Obama made this, another blunder but it makes sense to me.

    Now he can try to go behinf the scenes and try to stop this goofy House from passing a resolution that will have no effect on History od in right a wrong but might a dramatic affect on our relations with an ally we currently need on the northern border of Iraq.

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