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Thread: Massive Magnitude 8.8 Quake Hits Chile, Generating Tsunami

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    Re: Massive Magnitude 8.8 Quake Hits Chile, Generating Tsunami

    Even in the massive devastation The death toll remains very low in comparison to Haiti.
    Many people have the quake figured wrong so I stuck to the math and now an expert agrees.
    The main thing and the good news is so far they are sayin only 300 killed, and God for that relatively small number.
    Chile's earthquake 50 times stronger than Haiti's: expert
    Science Chief of the Seismology Institute of the University of Chile, Sergio Barrientos said on Saturday that the 8.8-degrees earthquake that shook Chile on Saturday morning was "50 times bigger than the one of Haiti."

    The earthquake occurred at 3:34 a.m. local time. The epicenter was only 115 km from Concepcion, Chile's second-largest city with a population of 200,000 people and it was felt 1,600 kilometers away.

    According to local TV channel TVN, in Concepcion "there are no streets without rubble" and the regional hospital "began to evacuate the patients for the fear of it collapsing."

    Press reports said that government building of Concepcion completely collapsed, as well as hundreds of houses.

    Concepcion's capital was completely isolated.

    Chilean Interior Ministry Edmundo Perez Yoma said that there are serious communication problems in Concepcion.

    "We have had many problems, and the deaths continue rising," Perez added.

    Meanwhile, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet urged the people to be calmed and has sent three rescue teams to the affected area and decreed many areas of the country as catastrophe zones.

    She also said that at least 85 people have been killed in the earthquake .

    Rescuers struggle to save lives after Chile quake - Yahoo! News
    CONCEPCION, Chile – Rescuers edged their way toward quake victims trapped in a toppled apartment block early Sunday even as looters stole food and robbed banks after one of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded struck Chile.

    Authorities put the death toll from Saturday's magnitude-8.8 quake at about 300, but believed the number would grow. They said 1.5 million Chileans were affected and 500,000 homes severely damaged by the mammoth temblor.

    A tsunami caused by the quake that swept across the Pacific killed several people on a Chilean island and devastated over coastal communities near the epicenter, but caused little damage in other countries, after precautionary evacuations of hundreds of thousands of people. The tsunami warning was lifted a day after the earthquake.

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    Re: Massive Magnitude 8.8 Quake Hits Chile, Generating Tsunami

    Comparing it to Haiti's Earthquake is Difficult.

    Chile's quake was 800x Stronger, But.....

    Haiti's quake was almost Directly (and 6 miles) underneath it's Capital city.

    Chile's quake was 70 Miles away from it's second biggest city Concepcion, and app 250 Miles from it's Capital City, Santiago. And 22 miles underground.

    So it was distance, more than anything else that saved Chile, despite the strength and breadth of it's quake.

    Think about a quake in NYC damaging Buildings and Roads in Washington DC or Boston. (both about 225 miles away) to gauge the power.

    LA and SF quakes are typically very localized in comparsion than the 400 mile long Chile Damage zone.
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