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Thread: Ethics panel finds Rangel broke rules

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    Re: Ethics panel finds Rangel broke rules

    The committee, which exonerated five lawmakers who traveled with Rangel, did not level formal charges against him that might lead to a formal censure by his colleagues.
    this is the very crap that causes the general public to wish a pox on both parties

    and sorry charlie, your excuse that your staff created this situation and not you, is just not credible
    had you been forthcoming and earlier made the disclosure of staff wrongdoing yourself, it may have been
    The panel said it lacked "sufficient evidence" to show that Rangel "had actual knowledge" of memoranda written by his staff indicating they knew that corporations were defraying the cost of the trips.

    "However, the report finds that Representative Rangel was responsible for the knowledge and actions of his staff in the performance of their official duties," it said.
    another instance where the other politicians give the crook plausible deniability - and that is what he is now using in an effort to excuse himself from culpability in this matter
    - blaming the criminal conduct on his staff
    it does not pass the smell test
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    Quote Originally Posted by spud_meister View Post
    This is the problem with modern conservatives, they're all rights and no responsibilities. You're responsible for your actions, and for the consequences of your actions, regardless of intent.

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    Re: Ethics panel finds Rangel broke rules

    Quote Originally Posted by Bassman View Post
    Ithaca still sucks. Nothing goes on there. But the major problem is that Liberals have been entrenched for decades in all of the areas I mentioned. Hell, Buffalo has had crappy mayors since 1993.
    Yes, and by eliminating NYC from NY, that would certainly help NY in the "something goes on here" category.
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    Re: Ethics panel finds Rangel broke rules

    Quote Originally Posted by Councilman View Post
    I don't give a damn who what anyone did in the past it does not give ahyone the right to be a crook or violte the law or the rules.

    It's like you find your spouse is cheating on you and you say wll up to now they were very loyal and true so I'll over look the recent episode of cheating. Would you do that?

    I think not, and in the case of politicians too many times people tend to feel like well it's one of our won so we'll give them as pass this time.

    Well screw that the crooks and those who violate the rules need to pay a high price than the average cheater. They need to be held to a higher level and never given a pass.

    Rangle needs to be drummed out of office and spend his remaining time on this earth paying the piper with more of a penalty than censure carrys.

    And tha goes for every politician that is caught in violation of the law or the rules.

    Equal justice must prevail at every turn or there is not justice.
    Then we agree, right?
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