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Thread: Senate GOP Staff Meet With Lobbyists On Jobs Bill

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    Senate GOP Staff Meet With Lobbyists On Jobs Bill

    From Roll Call:

    Senate Republican leadership staff are huddling with K Streeters this afternoon over Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) decision to forgo a bipartisan jobs package in favor of a smaller, targeted plan.

    The Huffington Post has more to say about this
    , and of course, they are arguing their political talking points about workers getting screwed, for the benefit of the rich.

    Although the Roll Call link is the one I am using as the main link in this story, I provided the Huffington Post link so that I can respond directly to accusations that Republicans are attempting to screw the working man, and that this is all about class warfare.

    To the Huffington Post - Let's get real here. Reid wants to give tax breaks to businesses for hiring workers. The problem here is that, if businesses hire workers for the tax break, when consumer demand is down, then the tax break is for nothing. It is a huge waste of taxpayer money, and nothing else. It's like a proposal, made decades ago, that we can bring ourselves out of a recession by paying workers at one company to build refrigerators, pay more workers to transport the refrigerators to another plant, where more workers are paid to destroy those refrigerators. Reid's proposal is pure idiocy, and so is your support of his idiocy.

    To those who know me here at DP, you know that I believe lobbyists are the scum of the earth, but in this case, I will make an exception. Exceptions can be found in any scenario, and in this case, the exception that I make is because Reid's idea is harebrained to begin with. I believe that will be borne out come this November, when voters replace him with someone who is more pragmatic and down to earth. We need some intelligent direction in Congress and, to put it simply, Reid is not part of that, and will never be.
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