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Thread: School Bombing Exposes Obama's Secret War in Pakistan

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    School Bombing Exposes Obama's Secret War in Pakistan

    From the Sunday Times, ominously.

    School bombing exposes Obama’s secret war inside Pakistan - Times Online

    The discovery of three American soldiers among the dead in a suicide bombing at the opening of a girls’ school in the northwestern Pakistan town of Dir last week reignited the fears of many Pakistanis that Washington was set on invading their country.

    Barack Obama has banned the Bush-era term “war on terror” and dithered about sending extra troops to Afghanistan, but across the border in Pakistan, the US president has dramatically stepped up the covert war against Islamic extremists.

    US airstrikes in Pakistan, launched from unmanned drones, are now averaging three a week, triple the number last year. “We're quietly seeing a geographical shift,” an intelligence officer said.

    For the past month drones have pounded the tribal region of North Waziristan in apparent retaliation for the murder of seven CIA officers in Afghanistan by a Jordanian suicide bomber working with the Pakistani Taliban.

    The discovery of the dead US soldiers revealed that America’s shadowy war in Pakistan not only involves drones but also small cadres of special operations soldiers.

    One official suggested the "trainers” may be used to pick up intelligence on drone targets, particularly because the CIA did not trust its counterparts from the ISI, the Pakistani intelligence service that has close links to the Taliban.

    To the irritation of Washington, Islamabad has kept up a pretence that drone attacks are carried out without its approval, even though the aircraft are based in Pakistan.

    Among the Pakistani public, there has been outcry at the attacks. Surveys constantly show that Pakistanis consider the US a greater threat than the Taliban, despite 3,021 Pakistani deaths in terrorist attacks last year.

    If the drones are controversial, the presence of US soldiers on Pakistani soil is far more so. Despite a $1.5 billion (959m) aid programme, Robert Gates, the US defence secretary, had to fly into Pakistan two weeks ago to reassure its military leadership. “Let me say definitively the US does not covet a single inch of Pakistani soil,” he told Pakistan’s National Defence University.
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    Re: School lBombing Exposes Obama's Secret War in Pakistan

    Some observations:

    1. Afghanistan is OBAMA'S WAR.

    2. He campaigned on it, he waged it, he ESCALATED it.

    3. He used to call it frequently, "the right war."

    4. Unfortunately, it's the wrong war.

    5. The Pentagon, according to MSNBC yesterday, is saying there's only about 100 Al Qaedas in Afghanistan.

    6. They're all next door in NUCLEAR Pakistan.

    7. Thus, Obama's Afghan policy really makes no sense.

    8. His and our success over there are entirely too dependent on the energy and efficacy of Zardari, Bhutto's corrupt widower.

    9. Perhaps this is why our perplexed president dithered so over his decision.

    10. Remember, this is the obtuse Obama who blitzed FIVE Sunday talks on September 20, repeating on each his claim that no one had asked him for reinforcements, that he was still awaiting his top-to-bottom review.

    11. Except the next day Bob Woodward exposed the president's prevarications by printing in The Post General McChrystal's secret assessment, which the president had been sitting on since August 30.

    12. Our perplexed president next spent a month fighting in public with his generals and defense secretary about exactly how should be conducted Obama's War.

    13. He castigated Karzai as corrupt, then called to congratulate the dictator on his coup.

    14. Such that, when Obama did finally make his grand announcement concerning the region, at West Point, it was a mangled mess of miscommunication, equal parts ESCALATION and EXIT.

    15. His declaration of a withdrawal before even a single reinforcement hit the ground must naturally shake the confidence of all those depending on him, our allies in the theater, our brave soldiers in the field and, maybe even more, their moms.

    16. He better hope Zardari is more reliable.

    17. Yet Pakistan's military leadership appears convinced that the US is trying to conquer their country.

    18. Not quite the healthy partnership Obama needs a lot more than Zardari does.

    19. Indeed, so incoherent was obtuse Obama's escalate-exit strategy, his terminology on the topic underwent one of those tortured evolutions we've come to expect from the talks-too-much president.

    20. "Exit" became "conditions based," then "transition," finally "glide path."

    21. He doesn't want to be there, all can see, he's only there because he campaigned so hard on it.

    22. He lacked the guts to pull the plug.

    23. And it's too late now, he's stuck.

    24. Afghanistan is gonna kill this president.

    25. It already is, his base is heartbroken by the ESCALATION.

    26. And now this, from the London Times: Obama's Secret War in Pakistan.

    27. Devastating domestic politics.

    28. Party on.

    Reports Indicate The White House, Gen. Stanley McChrystal May Be At Odds Over War Strategy In Afghan -

    Obama Seeks to Reset Ties with Karzai - CBS News)

    McChrystal: More Forces or 'Mission Failure' -

    The Prof
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