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Thread: Kim Jong-il must be senile after brain stoke.

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    Kim Jong-il must be senile after brain stoke.

    Yesterday North Korea suddenly fired a barrage of artillery shell into warter areas near Northern Limit Line(country borderline) of South Korea. And today they resumed to fire them. Fortunately no casualties until now, but it made our nation very surprised.

    The U.S. government also criticized the North on Wednesday for raising tension, saying the firing were "provocative actions and, as such, are not helpful."

    We South Korean will not be intimidated at all by that. However I can't understand why they did that, and I don't how to deal with them. Some analysts said that they were e seedking attention or showing mussle after sacred war proclamation. That also will be true.

    However, in my opinion, North Korea leader Kim Jong -il must be senile after brain stroke. His Recent behavior is not normal and irrational. If my speculation is right, it's very dangerous. He has several nuclear bombs and longl lange missile which could fly over to Hawai Island.

    So we have to keep watch on him. What do you think of that?

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    Re: Kim Jong-il must be senile after brain stoke.

    I don't normally think this way about most leaders, but I wish this guy would finally die. Quickly but painfully, too. He's about the biggest obstacle to about everything good that could happen to North Korea.

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