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Thread: New EU-Mediterranean club opens in Barcelona

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    New EU-Mediterranean club opens in Barcelona

    EUobserver / New EU-Mediterranean club opens in Barcelona

    Quote Originally Posted by EUObserver
    The Association Regionale et Locale Euro-Mediteranee (Arlem) is a project designed to foster co-operation between local authorities on both sides of the Mediterranean Sea and to help members tap EU funds for environmental, energy and democracy-building projects.

    It is part of the more grand Mediterranean Union, which was launched by France in 2008 during its chairmanship of the EU.
    Great.. I have been waiting for the Mediterranean Union to finally become reality. Finally now we can bring these people into the warmth and help change their societies to ones with good values and sound governance.

    This is what the EU does for spread of democracy. No need to bomb and force unwilling participans.
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    Re: New EU-Mediterranean club opens in Barcelona

    The only snag I foresee is that Barcelona might be a tad chilly for the democracy-deprived clients from the warmer South..
    Still, everybody should visit the Nou Camp at least once in their lifetime!
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