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Thread: Court to decide if petition signers' names public

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    Re: Court to decide if petition signers' names public

    Quote Originally Posted by TacticalEvilDan View Post
    I agree that in today's current political climate, it's not all that much of a concern. We can generally trust that our countrymen will not punish us for our electoral choices.

    At the same time, the structure of our government was designed, at least in part, to eliminate the need for trust. This way, if that trust breaks down, the fundamentals mechanisms of government can continue to function.
    I agree in principle -- but at the same time, if trust breaks down, the potential for the abuses of the secret ballot goes way up.

    While I certainly agree that there needs to be more traceability in our current election practices, I think we can get that by eliminating electronic voting systems.
    Yes. Ballots should all be hand-written on paper and counted in the open.
    It's not "tolerance" if you already approve of what you purport to "tolerate."

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    Re: Court to decide if petition signers' names public

    Absolutely. Today's crop of electronic voting devices are little more than black boxes which tell us who we voted for, as a pose to counting votes.
    I'm already gearing up for Finger Vote 2014.

    Just for reference, means my post was a giant steaming pile of sarcasm.

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