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Why would a firefighter have any greater need for a highly expensive health care plan than a private sector employee doing a similarly dangerous job? While there are some union employees who are at risk like firefighters, the vast majority are not in fields that require overly expensive health care plans.
They may not require them, but they still have them. So they do need time to renegotiate. It definetly does suck if you happen to need these plans and you are not a part of a labor union/government. I guess its the only way the government could get anything accomplished without pissing everyone off.

Furthermore, even if we accept that collective bargaining will slow down the process by which employers adjust health care plans for their workers, there is absolutely no reason to hold off on taxing unions for a decade, other than to give them a handout.
I'll agree, what they have seemed to have accepted is too much. Hopefully they will settle for something more legitimate before the end of the process.

The excise tax only hits the portion of the plan above the limit, so a plan that costs $24,000 would result in no tax, while a plan that costs $25,000 would result in a $400 tax. In order to raise $150 billion (which is a pipe dream), it would have to hit a lot more than 15 million plans.
Got it, ya unless most cadillac plans cost way more than 24000 than your probobly right.