Police say car stolen with child inside - todaysthv.com | KTHV | Little Rock, AR

Ok - they found the girl, the dude dropped her off down the road from the gas station.

You know - I know it's unusually freezing ****ing cold outside, pigs are flying it's so damn cold - the lake in my town (just 10 minutes away from Beebe) is frozen over.

However - you never EVER leave your child in a car - EVER - unlocked, locked, with other kids - doesn't matter.

I had to go to the DMV, Home Depot, Walmart and the Comissary - AND the gas station - do you think I left my 3yr old in the car for even a SECOND?

**** no - goddamn moron. Good thing the thief didn't wnat to be a kidnapper or she never would have been dropped off.

Hopefully this scare is enough to keep this stupid father from ever leaving his child alone again.