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    Announcement - Breaking News Specialist

    Due to the suggestions of posters here at DP, we have created a BNS (Breaking News Specialist) position. This is being done in part due to your suggestions as well as for consistency. This position will currently be filled by two of our moderators (Hugh_Akston and Tashah). In time, we envision this role changing once vBulletin 4.0 is released. In the meantime, there will be some changes in how the BNS moderates the BN forums (BN - MSM and BN - Blogs).

    The BNS will be checking the BN forums each day to ensure that the Original Post meet the criteria (no more than 48 hours old, credible source, thread title matches article title, etc...). We will also be moving threads to their proper place if they are not deemed to be truly "Breaking News". BNS discretion will prevail.

    - a thread covering a BN story of a high speed chase in Houston, TX is not BN
    - a thread covering the 19th woman to come forward and claim that she had an affair with Tiger Woods is not BN
    - a thread covering a Senator commenting on a bill is not BN
    - a thread covering Sarah Palin's new book/TV appearance/lie is not BN
    - a thread covering global warming that is deemed to not be BN will be moved to the E&CI forum

    This is an effort to make the BN forums true Breaking News. BN should be stories related to politics, world affairs, terrorism, war, etc... Gossip, overtly partisan agendas and pretty much anything that would appear on "E Talk Soup", "Entertainment Tonight" or any other gossip show does not belong in either of the BN forums. Threads started here will be held to these new standards, based on BNS discretion.
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