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Thread: Passenger Ignites Explosive on Delta Flight, Al Qaeda Connection Reported

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    Re: Passenger Ignites Explosive on Delta Flight, Al Qaeda Connection Reported

    It appears many westerners interpret the word one way, where wider Islam sees it differently.

    " .... The term "Jihad" used without any qualifiers is generally understood in the West to be referring to holy war on behalf of Islam.[5] In broader usage and interpretation, the term has accrued both violent and non-violent meanings. It can simply mean striving to live a moral and virtuous life, spreading and defending Islam as well as fighting injustice and oppression, among other things.[7] The relative importance of these two forms of jihad is a matter of controversy.
    Greater Jihad
    Within Islamic belief, Muhammad is said to have regarded the inner struggle for faith the "greater jihad", prioritizing it over physical fighting in defense of the Ummah, or members of the global Islamic community.[8] One famous hadith has the prophet saying: "We have returned from the lesser jihad (battle) to the greater jihad (jihad of the soul)." ... "
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    Re: Passenger Ignites Explosive on Delta Flight, Al Qaeda Connection Reported

    Jihad has traditionally been defined by Muslims in militaristic terms.

    "The overwhelming majority of early authorities, citing the relevant passages in the Qu'ran, the commentaries, and the traditions of the Prophet, discuss jihad in military terms. . .For most of the fourteen centuries of recorded Muslim history, jihad was most commonly interpreted to mean armed struggle for the defense or advancement of Muslim power."

    Bernard Lewis Crisis of Islam, p. 29
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