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Thread: Stupak aims to sink 'unacceptable' abortion compromise

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    Stupak aims to sink 'unacceptable' abortion compromise

    An aide to Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) coordinated opposition to the Senate health bill’s abortion compromise this morning with the Republican Senate leadership, according to a chain of frantic emails obtained this morning by POLITICO.

    Stupak, in an interview with POLITICO, called the Senate bill’s abortion position "unacceptable" – but disavowed his staffer’s collaboration with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.
    Everybody here knows me as a very outspoken member of this forum when it comes to a woman's right to choose, as well as outspoken in saying that Roe v. Wade should be overturned. I believe the idea that someone halfway across the country from another can force that other to have a baby that was produced by rape or incest, or any other reason, for that matter, is reprehensible, and that someone in, say, Mississippi, can force California to ban abortion, if choice is what California wants.

    But, you know, this works in reverse too. California, and other states which support a woman's right to choose, should not be forcing that belief on my hypothetical Mississippian here, who has a right to practice his or her religion, as prescribed in the first amendment. If people in one state believe that abortion is murder, and that we should not be paying for abortions, then how dare the Federal government take money out of their pockets, thus forcing them to pay for something they honestly believe is against everything they believe in. So let me ask this - How can someone on one side of the fence (and it could be either side of the fence on this issue) who believes in freedom and the American way, force someone on the other side of the fence to not have his or her own freedom? This is not American at all, but Communism.

    On this basis, I have to come out against the abortion compromise in the health bill, as it will legislate for one group and against another.

    This brings me to a larger question - What if the state you are living in either forces you to pay for abortion through taxes (if you are pro life) or forces you to bear a child (if you are pro choice). These are two ideas that are antithetical to each other. How does one reconcile his or her position is a state where the opposite belief is the law? The answer to this is so simple - You move to a state where your belief is the law.

    Our forefathers were true visionaries, and the 10th Amendment is a prime example of their genius. Constitutionally, the Federal government cannot extend it's power so that legitimate laws of the various states are compromised. Today, as a result of that genius, we have states that believe in pro choice, and other states which believe in pro life. You can always move to a state where your side in the argument is amply represented.

    "But wait", you say. "Moving to another state will entail hardship for me, and thus, this isn't fair". Isn't fair, compared to what? Forcing your belief on others? Throughout American history, Americans have endured hardship, and moved elsewhere, and for most of our history, moving was extremely difficult, as automobiles did not exist until the 20th Century. Moving today is much easier than it was back then. Just take a look at the Mormons, who moved to establish a religion, look at the Okies, who looked for a better way of life, and moved to California during the Great Depression, and look at any number of people, who moved for various ideological and economic reasons. Many of those moves were so much more difficult, and yet they made those moves. The genius in our forefathers' thinking enabled those moves, not hindered them. They only thing that hindered anybody, during our entire history, was the person. If belief was not strong enough, they did not move, and if they had enough belief, they made their move.

    So here is the deal. How strong are your beliefs? This is a free country, thanks to our forefathers. Let's keep it free. If you are pro choice in Mississippi, or if you are pro life in California, you have an easy and Constitutional way out of your dilemma. Don't attempt to force your belief on others in your state, by bringing in the Federal government to mandate your position for ALL states. Just move.

    After all, we aren't Communists, are we? This issue is up to the states, and is none of the Federal government's business.

    Article is here.
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