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Thread: Dissident senior cleric dies in Iran

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    Re: Dissident senior cleric dies in Iran

    Quote Originally Posted by zimmer View Post
    I think you're right. Most Americans have no idea about the Iranian Hostage Crisis, or the president at the time... a shade less inept than Obama.

    You are right, ignorance and emotion is why Obi-1 was elected. No person with a modicum of knowledge about this country's founding or Obi-1, could pull the lever for "The One We Have Been Waiting For."

    It simply shows what an ignorant, emotion charged electorate can accomplish.

    Because Obama was responsible for the Iranian hostage crisis?

    What drivel this is.

    This cleric has renounced his behaviour at the time and come out in favour of a more open polcy with engagement with the West. He was a clear icon for the forces of democracy in Iran and this has been recognized by the USA.

    But you and your buddies... well you just carry on trashing the POTUS and ignore the great issues of our times.
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