This Mr 'Ates' claimed he was too fat to commit this crime.
(AP Photo/Trenton Prosecutor Office)
HACKENSACK, NJ (CBS/AP) Edward Atesí attorneys tried to argue that their 65-year-old, 285 lb. client was too fat to kill his son-in law, Paul Duncsak, but the jury couldn't stomach that argument. Now Ates will have plenty of time to get in shape. A New Jersey judge sentenced the morbidly obese killer to life in jail Thursday.
The jury felt otherwise. One bit of evidence used against him was that he had viewed the website 'How to Commit a Perfect Murder', lol.
Investigators, however, said Ates had done research on his computer on how to pick locks and how to build silencers. He also viewed a Web site called "How to commit the perfect murder," which probably should have listed "don't read this Web site" as rule number one. Police also found that Ates had used his computer to research .22 caliber handguns.
Lesson learned, if you want to commit the perfect murder don't research how to do it on your computer.

Edward Ates Said He Was Too Fat to Kill, Judge Says He'll Fit Just Fine in Prison - Crimesider - CBS News