COPENHAGEN Ray Weiss looks at the chanting protesters, harried delegates and the 20,000 other people gathered here for a global warming summit and wonders: What's the fuss all about?
Weiss, a geochemist who studies atmospheric pollution at San Diego's Scripps Institution of Oceanography, says the numbers at the core of the debate in Copenhagen are flawed.

Specifically, he says the cuts that countries including the USA are proposing in greenhouse gas emissions are difficult to measure and highly susceptible to manipulation by government officials and companies.

"I don't see the point in doing all this if the numbers are so far off," Weiss said, shaking his head as he watched conference attendees hurry by Thursday. "When you hear politicians tell you that they can measure these things, just because they passed a deal in Copenhagen, I think you should take that with a few grains of salt."

Most of the summit's attention has focused on exactly how much countries will commit to cutting emissions of gases that data suggest are causing the earth to warm. Yet some scientists, legal experts and delegates say the hardest part of any deal in Copenhagen will be measuring and then enforcing whatever politicians decide.

After climate talks, scientists worry about enforcement -

Well, there you have it. This push surrounding Global Warming, and the causes, are pure hype, and scare tactic. The same thing happens throughout history whenever a fraud of this magnitude is attempted on the people by Government.

And fraud this is. In this posters humble opinion, it would be foolish to allow our government to proceed on an agreement that would penalize the US for merely existing, and being prosperous. While at the same time allowing for less wealthy nations to not change a thing.

This "Human caused" fraud is really nothing more than a redistribution of wealth from wealthy nations to less than wealthy nations, it has nothing to do with the planet. It is......Global Marxism.