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Thread: Iran bans foreign media from rally fearing protests

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    Iran bans foreign media from rally fearing protests

    Iran's authorities have banned foreign media from an annual rally due to be held on Monday, which they fear the opposition could use to stage protests.

    Press permits were revoked for 7-9 December, officials said, and reporters told not to leave their offices.

    Residents in the capital, Tehran, also said their internet access had been limited ahead of the rally.

    Iran has cracked down hard on protests by opposition supporters following a disputed election in June.

    Opponents of Iran's regime have taken to using officially sanctioned demonstrations to turn out in big numbers and publicise their message.

    Rallies have been held annually on December 7 to mark the death of three students during an anti-American protest in 1953.

    Iranian security forces including the elite Revolutionary Guards have warned that they will step in to prevent any attempt to use the event to stage opposition protests.
    source: BBC News - Iran bans foreign media from rally fearing protests

    well, this isn't the first time that government tries to censor the news or stop it from being published, but such strategies have failed before because of the new technology which makes creating and sending news an easy job to do even for normal people. in fact, a great part of the news that has been published about Iranian green movement was captured by cell phone cameras and amateur equipment. so, why does iranian government continue to use such methods to stop the coverage of what happens in Iran by international media? and in your opinion, is there an effective way to stop news coverage of such big event?

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    Re: Iran bans foreign media from rally fearing protests

    I believe you will see more of that coming here soon. We got a taste of it with the so-called free speech zones during the Bush administration. Calling them free speech zones was classic double speak in as much as they were placed far enough from the events that were drawing protests to render the protests son events thus effectively stifling free speech.

    It will come here never on the form of shutting down Conservative radio under some similar guise or just calling it leveling the playing field. The sad thing is the Radicals Obama has placed in positions of power will be killing talk radio because it has been proven that Liberals have an awful time drawing and audience because they have a poor message and almost never deal in the truth or facts when it come to issues.

    I ran seems to be becoming a more repressive and closed society and that almost always leads to massive deaths and hardship for the people until they finally revolt and take back their Nation and replace the Tyranny with a form of Government more suitable to their needs and desires as our founders did here way back in 1776. And we need to do again only at the ballot box this time. I hope.

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    Re: Iran bans foreign media from rally fearing protests

    Obama planned to sit down with the leader of a country that has no freedom of the press.
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