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Thread: Obama's Coalition of the Willing

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    Obama's Coalition of the Willing

    NATO Chief Says 25 Countries to Help in Afghan War

    BRUSSELS -- NATO's top official said Friday that at least 25 countries will send a total of about 7,000 additional forces to Afghanistan next year "with more to come," as U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton sought to bolster allied resolve.
    Just in case your calculator doesn't work 7000 divided by 25 countries is an average of 280 per country.

    The U.S. now has about 71,000 troops in Afghanistan, while 42 other NATO and non-NATO nations have a total of 38,000 troops there. They are fighting a far smaller collection of Taliban militants who enjoy a haven across the border in Pakistan.
    Course...Obama's surge will see 100,000 troops in Afghanistan. The other NATO and non-NATO currently have an average of 904 per nation.

    We've 100,000....everyone else has an avg of 904?

    What a Sec of State Hillary is, what a mammoth and coalition based triumph.
    It was the Austrasians, that hewed on bravely through the thick of the fight, it was they who found and cut down the Saracen King.

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    Re: Obama's Coalition of the Willing

    Bush got blamed for doing things unilaterally, and this isn't?

    Why are we the only NATO country with any balls these days?

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