The United States and five other world powers have been trying to win Iran's acceptance of a deal under which Tehran would ship most of its low-enriched uranium stockpile abroad to be processed into fuel rods for use in the research reactor.

That would leave Iran at least temporarily without enough enriched uranium to produce a bomb. However, after signaling in October that it would accept the proposal, Iran has since balked, presenting counterproposals that would keep the stockpile in Iran.

On Wednesday, Ahmadinejad went a step further, vowing Iran would enrich the uranium needed for the research reactor itself.

"We told them, 'Give us the 20 percent fuel" needed for the research reactor in an exchange, the Iranian leader said in Isfahan. "But then they started adding conditions."

"So we said, 'If you want to give us the fuel, we'll take it. If not, then fine and goodbye.'"
Barack.......hello, are you paying attention? Mahmoud says he's waving goodbye. Why not we wave hello?