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He is a bit looney - but then he is a true Libertarian with all that entails. I call myself a Libertarian simply because I really cannot stand either the Democans or the Republicrats. They are self-centered folks that only care about spending other people's money on their special projects that help out themselves and their friends.

But I do fully agree with Ron Paul on this one too. Primarily since the FED Charter states that these audits should occur annually and there has yet to be one that I know of. Secondly because the decisions reached by the FED affects every single US citizen without recourse. Thirdly because we the people have a right to know what the reasoning behind our money supply is other than personal profit by unelected power brokers and our government.
Are you not concerned about the Feds independence? The likes of congress, IMHO, are not sophisticated enough to interpret the Feds balance sheet. Congress is not an accounting firm.

However, as long as monetary policy independence is maintained, i really see no harm in congress getting a very general rundown.