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Bad things have happened throughout history. Pinning God's existence for you on a single event in your life time like 9/11 or this girls sad demise is... narrow minded to say the least.

WWII had enough horrible deaths, evil and destruction to make 9/11 a blip on the radar screen...

NK is hell on earth, China has killed millions of it's own people through starvation, torture and out right murder by the state...

Yet, this girls death, or 9/11 are breaking points for people?

The Bible states ****'s gonna happen, it's the nature of man to be cruel. I'm just sad for her father, he had been raising this little girl, then let her go stay with her mother a month ago.
I do understand what you mean. I am truly at peace with my decision that god does not exist. In fact, I feel like I have a better understanding of things now that I don't believe in god. It's fantastic.