Republican Lawmakers Encourage Health Care Protests at Planned Town Halls -

by Stephen Clark
Updated November 12, 2009
Republican lawmakers are holding town halls in the next two weeks to rally opposition to President Obama's sweeping health care legislation that narrowly passed the House last weekend.

Republican lawmakers are hoping to re-ignite the town hall fury that inflamed the health care debate and nearly derailed the legislation over the summer.

GOP representatives are holding town halls in the next two weeks to rally opposition to President Obama's sweeping health care legislation that narrowly passed the House last weekend. A different version of the bill is now wending its way through the Senate.

"The legislative battle over health care reform is not over," Indiana Rep. Mike Pence, chairman of the House Republican Conference, wrote in a letter to members ahead of the Veterans Day break. Pence urged them to keep reaching out to constituents and host town hall meetings to highlight ways Republicans say the bill will hurt seniors, women and small businesses.
I take exception to the use of the word fury, but it's close. I believe it is essential for the Nation's future that the effort to to stop this absolutely unnecessary So-called Health Plan be stopped for mote reasons than I can go into in a single post, so I'll just hit a few high points of it's failings.
It claims it will make Health Insurance affordable to to the 45 million who have no insurance. There are only 12 million uninsured and of those who are insured the vast majority are happy with what they have.

These proposals fail to address tort reform which is responsible for and estimated 10% of costs being driven up because of precautionary testing.

Logic tells me that if the Government wants to control something they should address Malpractice Insurance and cap it in conjuction with tort reform.

The House Bill wants to put people in jail for not buying into the Government controlled system according to Pelosi because it is unfair for the rest of us to pay for the health care of someone unwilling to buy insurance.
Well what the hell does this idiot think it costs to put someone on Federal Prison? From what I can see it costs between $25,000 and $40,000 a year depending on who you listen to. How is that any where near cost effective? The old Soviet Union or perhaps China.
I can come up with long term solutions that would cost less and better address the issues and I'm just and old Business manager who used to have to live within a budget and show results. One thing I am most proud of in over twenty years running businesses is that i was always under budget and productivity and employee relations were the highest in the whole corporation and systematical logic was the key and what Government lacks most. I have also been on the Government side of issues and frankly we need more clear thought from business management philosophies and standards and less BS from people out to line their own pockets while kiss the asses of special interests or fulfilling ideological dreams of Socialism/Marxism.
I invite you to watch this video. It takes about 10 minutes but it's worth your time I believe. It's entitled Make Mine Freedom. Enjoy the video and take to heart the central message it explains about what we are up against today.
Make Mine Freedom - Derivative