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Thread: Chavez to troops: Prepare for war with Colombia

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    Re: Chavez to troops: Prepare for war with Colombia

    Quote Originally Posted by Strucky View Post
    Where are the Chavez supporters now?
    That is a good question, as I have been on forums such as these for many years now, and I have watched the support drop dramatically. Those who insisted this man was just standing up for his people, he only had these poor forgotten people in mind, now.....I don't see that anymore.

    This is what always happens with communism, it sounds good....right up until the point that the bill comes to the table!

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    Re: Chavez to troops: Prepare for war with Colombia

    Quote Originally Posted by Ethereal View Post
    1. According to who?

    2. The profits from oil exports probably accounts for the majority of Venezuela's supposed prosperity.
    1 The links i posted in poss 12. Espicially the thrid world travelers article.

    2 If this was simply a case of natural resouces and not the economic model we would see the same thing happening in Peru. However Perus place in the human development index is sinking despite the rise the price of metals and mineral resources and Peru's abundance of both. Its certainly a true that its making part of the Peruvian population very rich but the trickle down effect isnt working. Hence why the economic model chavez promotes, flawed though it is, has an increasing level of appeal across the continent.

    Strucky: "Chavez supporter" is a simplication but il look at the articles you posted when i have enough time to devote to it. In the mean time perhaps you would return the favor and respond to the article from "third world traveller" in post 12?

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