Back Berlusconi or government falls, allies told

ROME (Reuters) - A newspaper close to Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi issued an ultimatum to his allies on Sunday, saying they must back laws shielding him from court trials or risk a government collapse.

Il Giornale, an indicator of Berlusconi's moods and discontent, said the next few days could be a "a week of passion" for the coalition and could lead to the government's resignation and early general elections.

The banner front-page headline of Il Giornale, owned by Berlusconi's brother Paolo, read: "Berlusconi's Ultimatum: Those who don't agree are out of the PDL," referring to his People of Freedom coalition.

It went on to say that Berlusconi's allies must commit themselves to "protecting the prime minister from the judicial offensive against him" otherwise "the government will resign and there will be new elections".

Berlusconi, who lost his immunity from prosecution last month, has often shown his fury against the judicial system, saying it was overrun by "communists" out to destroy him.
Never really thought that my dislike of Berlusconi could grow more and... well I'm right so far, I still dislike that *** just as much before. "Communists" out to destroy him? I'm still just as amazed how much crap that man can spew out of his mouth and the italians still keep him in power. Just makes me sad for them.